How Businesses can sustain and rebuild their brands with Digital Marketing: Digital Marketing Trends 2021, Getting Ready for the Future post-pandemic

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The year 2020 has seen many unusual changes, be it the businesses shutting down due to the lockdown, brands reducing their investments on marketing and brand building, working and operating the business from remote locations and many more.

In the age of technology, digital platforms are the real backbone of marketing. With uncertainty and rapid changes in technology, businesses need to adapt to the changes at a faster speed to prevent downfall. If you are an Entrepreneur of a startup, or Business owner, it is high-time to invest in digital marketing to gain momentum in the business. Here are the seven reasons why your business needs digital marketing to sustain and how it can help your business prepare for post-pandemic.

Digital Marketing: The Driving Force of Marketing

A few years ago, Businesses needed a website to showcase their products, establish their brand online. But now the pace of online presence is changing quickly. The real-time interaction with customers is the buzzing topic in marketing. 

A mere online presence like Facebook Business Page, Insta Page and Setting up Google My Business alone is insufficient for effectively building brand awareness and generating leads. Your business needs to adapt to the right digital marketing solutions.

Digital marketing comprises multiple processes. Firstly, the Organic SEO activities, Setting up Social assets and Managing those Digital Assets. Secondly, the Campaign and ad creation. Third, is to set up and manage the omnichannel marketing. Fourthly, Technical SEO, Content Marketing. Next is generating organic leads, Connecting with customers directly via the messaging apps, reaching to your target groups, helping your business stay with the trend and sustain in the changing environment.

7 Reasons why a Business needs Digital marketing

“13% ofCompanies have increased their Digital marketing Budget compared to the previous year” -Source: Report by Statista on digital marketing

For Sustaining your business in the digital era, Digital marketing is the foundation you need to lay strong to make your business stand out in the market. Here are the seven reasons why you should consider digital marketing for your business.

1. Google Listings: A verified Listing for your Local SEO 

It is very clear that “near me” search is more widely used by customers in locating stores, services near to them. Your Potential customers may end up glancing at your business timings, products and services and check your reviews. You can manage all your business information in Search, Maps, and reach your potential customers through verified listings.

To know how to verify your google business listing Click here

2.Shopping Feature Enabled posts

Social media platforms serve as an excellent forum to communicate about your ongoing offers, share your customer’s reviews, directly interact with potential customers and engage the audience. For instance, Facebook & Instagram stories can be used to share the making or manufacturing process of your product. Similarly, a carousel post with a Shop Now features or landing page directing to your e-commerce site can help your potential customers to get to know about your products and guess what they may end up being your customers.

For doing this all you need is to set up digital assets for your business. Either you can do on your own or you may outsource to a Digital Marketing Agency with proven track records.

3. Geography Specific and TG Specific Ad Campaigns

Wondering what is geography-specific and TG specific? We are here to help you understand better. Businesses are spending more on the paid campaigns and increasing their spending budgets on these types of advertising to reach to their potential consumers, build brand awareness and engage with the customers. Not every product or service is for everyone. So, based on your business needs you have to arrive at the target groups(TG) and based on your servicing or delivery location, you can set your advertising campaigns. Many businesses outsource their marketing activities to industries best marketing agencies and mainly focus on their core business, as it ensures their productivity and deliverables.

4. Omnichannel Marketing

A Business must reap the benefits of its social presence. To do this OmniChannel marketing is the best choice. The ever-existing trend in digital marketing service is OmniChannel marketing. The graph of smartphone users is increasing linearly, urging that chances are higher that your product buyers may search for products from their smartphones compared to other devices. Omnichannel marketing facilitates personalizing the shopping experience for customers from any device on any channel. You must remember that omnichannel marketing is all about the buyers-based approach and not a channel-based approach. There are several digital marketing agencies based in south India who help you craft the best online marketing approach.

5. Chatbots for better customer Service

If your business has a website, then does it have a chatbot for customer interaction? If No, it is high time that you get one. With the advent of technology, Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based Chatbots, interact with people through text messages. A simple text chat window enables you to allow your site users to chat with these chatbots, while these bots assist your users throughout their presence when they land on your webpage. It is the fastest-growing trend. In the future, it may serve as a lead conversion tool. 

6. Zero-click, Paid, and Organic Searches

Traffic rate and conversion are what many business owners expect SEO activities to do for them. Many prefer Organic Searches and only a very Few opt for Paid searches. The search engine algorithm is enhancing better with technology growth, leaving the visitors to get notice of the search items without even actually clicking on them, this is zero-click search. So, in the least possible case chances are there that visitors may not click on your website link. There is still the best probability to use this zero-click search, try to provide only valuable and relevant content. Attract people to your website by saying what might interest them, to visit your webpage. Marketing Companies backed by complete knowledge and resource-experts in SEO, execute the best search practices.

7. Email and Marketing Automation

Email marketing enables you to give a personalized touch and allows you to build a relationship with your customers. The evolving email marketing is applicable in multiple ways. For example, to promote your latest product or service launch offer, educate on your product and services and much more. A supportive content strategy backed by an efficient marketing approach will enable you to utilize email marketing to the fullest potential. 

Marketing Automation is in the beginning phase and is evolving, many tools out in the market facilitate the automation of marketing on digital platforms. For instance, Facebook allows you to schedule a post on a specific date and time. Thus, even when you are away, Marketing goes live without any delay. Several marketing firms use marketing tools to execute marketing strategies that are appropriate and best suits their clients.

Get Ready For Future Marketing

The Pandemic for sure has changed the way things were done before, with marketing being no exception. It is also during this time that the number of businesses going digital started to increase and to sustain business investment in Digital marketing significantly is on the linear increase. Going Digital is easy for many Businesses but doing digital marketing is a challenging task. Here come the digital marketing experts,  who execute the marketing for these businesses.  Get the Best Digital marketing solutions from a marketing firm who understands your business.

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