Top Five Tools That Can Enhance Your Digital Marketing Experiences !!

March 12, 2019 0 By blog-admin

The experts at Lamppost Media believes that accessing a digital marketing tool is just the start. If you truly want to achieve top results, you must know how to use it–and how, exactly, each tool will help your efforts. Here’s a list of top 5 tools that helps in enhancing your digital marketing experiences. 

Google Ads– Google Ads is the most used platform for paid ad campaigns. As this tool is from Google, it helps in serving the users with better visibility for a better performance and also helps to generate a high returns against specif ad budget Google Ads are highly responsive and there are various types of campaign that a user can outrun to reach its target audiences.

Hoot suite: Hoot suite can improve your email marketing campaign while also helping you to get social If broadening your reach on social media is one of your goals, there are a few specific ways that you should go about using this tool.

Google Analytics: Google Analytics is by far the most popular among all the tools used for these. Many people don’t consider it a tool for online marketers, but that’s precisely what it is. It allows for gathering data to better understand your audience. Get to know this tool. It’ll super-power your digital marketing efforts.

SEMrush: Collecting and analyzing data about your website and competitors is key to a successful marketing campaign–and the more data that you can collect, the better off you’ll be. SEMrush helps you achieve this goal with a number of intelligence tools for digital marketing, including search engine optimization, social media, keywords value analysis, PPC and more.

Google Keyword
Planner:  Google Keyword Planner is one of the decisive tool for searching of keywords that can helps to get your website rank up. It helps to gather information as per the metrics required such as volume, competition, bid price and much more. Either by choosing the website URL or the targeted keyword you can get list of keywords present on the website, now u just need to use them as per the requirement.